Arranged Marriage: Advantage and Disadvantage

Arranged marriage is a type of marriage that is arranged by means of parents or some aged contributors of the family. It is more inside the nature of a wedding between the families and not individuals. The complete process of marriage is decided through the mother and father and the elders of the family. Usually in Hindu custom, the idea for marriage comes from the ladies’ side in which as in the case of Christian and Muslim society it comes from the boys’ aspect.

It is as much as the boy’s parents whether to just accept or reject the inspiration. Usually the idea comes via a center guy or now and again it can be negotiated immediately. The boy’s dad and mom and household come to look the ladies, remember their family historical past and make an usual assessment. Sometimes the men and the women aren’t allowed to see every different and if the dad and mom pick out the woman, they plan for an organized marriage but now this practice is taken into 婚介網 consideration to be out dated. It has emerge as quite indispensible to take the consent of each the bride and the bride groom so that it will settle an arranged marriage.

This will absolute confidence make sure a better conjugal lifestyles. They also are allowed to peer each others earlier than marriage. Parents additionally do not forget their perspectives and selection is taken for this reason. The date for engagement is constant with all of us consent. The engagement can also take area either in temple or at the girls’ residence or in any location appropriate to both the parties.


Dowry and different demand are in the end determined on the day of engagement. They change presents like get dressed, gold ornaments and candies as a token of love and friendship between the 2 families. A robust filial bond is established between two households. Arranged marriage has its personal advantages and disadvantages.

(1) Arranged marriage is typically prevalent in our society because it lends creditability and social popularity for a secured conjugal lifestyles. The whole obligation of the wedding is undertaken by way of each the dad and mom.

(2) In Laws adjustment is higher in case of an arranged marriage.

(3) There is better inter-circle of relatives dating and it affords an opportunity for get together of family members.


(4) The family, family members and pals be given the marriage. They sense themselves liable for any mistake at some stage in or right away after marriage.

(five) In case of arranged marriage, the youngsters are nicely taken care of with the aid of the in-laws. They are taken proper care of and obtain lots love and affection from their grandparents even if their dad and mom are away.

(6) In case of accidents or calamities, both the families share the burden to lessen the misfortune and make it less difficult for the couple to endure it. Arranged marriage guarantees family help in all circumstances.

(7) In arranged marriage, it is simpler to get monetary assistance from parents at the time of need.


(8) It leads to top dating some of the parents and members of the family. The future prospect of the youngsters is shiny as they get hold of a variety of love and steering from skilled hands.

(1) There is excessive expenditure and financial burden at the mother and father because they spend plenty to maintain up their status.

(2) Dowry structures at instances may also lead to false impression which can also give rise to sour consequences which include torture and bride burning in case of organized marriage.

(three) It is tough to adjust between the couple as they’re now not sufficiently aware of every different’s mindset and temperament.


(four) Sometimes because of excessive call for and dowry stress, girls may not get married.

(five) It may additionally create battle among the households and the companions.

(6) Last but now not the least if the marital relations of the young couple becomes unsuccessful, the mother and father can be blamed. Marriage remains a sacrament, if the companions have right know-how and compatibility to alter to every different.

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